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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chocolate Stamps (Belgium)

I had received a postcard with chocolate stamp on it which sent from Belgium. It was my first times to see this stamp. On the postcard, Theo has leave a note for me towards the stamp which as below:

PS Rub the stamp – Chocolate taste!

After saw this note, I had tried to rub the stamp (picture as below) but I did not smell any chocolate so I think that maybe Theo made a joke to me. Haha..

After few months, I also received a postcard with chocolate stamp and again, Marie had written on postcard that asks me to try for the chocolate stamp which as below:-

The stamp smell like chocolate, please try!

Reading this message made me thought of Theo’s postcard as he also asked me to try for the stamp so I rub the chocolate stamp (picture as below) on Marie’s postcard. Surprise to say that I can smell the chocolate through the stamp but the smell is not very strong. At that time, I felt amazing with the stamp.

I think that my first tried on chocolate stamp was failure maybe because of the smell had been fade away. I also online searching for chocolate stamp in Belgium and know that Belgium had release chocolate-flavored stamps for Easter.

Belgium is not the first country to produce stamps that taste good. France, Britain and Germany have all released flavored stamps, ranging from eucalyptus, lemon, apple and strawberry – Global News

Based on above news, other country also had been released many favors’ stamp and hope that will have opportunity to try them.

Pic source: Today News
Belgium had releases a collection of five chocolate stamps and now I had owns for two chocolate stamps. Hope that in future, I will receive another 3 chocolate stamps on future postcards so that I will have complete set of chocolate stamps.

Last, I had found out a video about Chocolate Stamp to further understand it.


  1. That's really interesting!

    1. Hayley,

      If Malaysia also has release flavor stamp, it would be cool right :)

      Example Durian stamp..hehe


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