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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Loka Made Postcard

As I am postcard collector so I am very happy to see that many Malaysia illustrators and photographers started to introduce their art or work in postcard. Then the choices of postcard will become more and more.

In this year if you had bought for Astro Chinese New Year Album, I would like to tell you that the illustration for album cover done by Loka Made.     

Image credited to Loka Made
Loka Made is a creative brand that believes in the concept of discovery and re-assembling local elements. We create illustrations and designs that are filled with local accents.

Fantascene Postcard has 3 series which featured the Penang view of Malaysia. On some of the postcard, you can see cute school girls. These entire postcards are illustrated by Fei Giap. The quality of postcard is thick so the price for each set is a bit expensive than normal postcard which I buy. A set of postcard cost RM 25.

I had received pop up postcard from Taiwan postcard friend before and now Malaysia also has pop up postcard. Loka Made has many types of pop up postcards such as Watch and Clock Repair, Old Book Store, Florist Shop and more.

At the back of pop up postcard, it has a guideline to tell you how to fold and cut it to become 3D postcard. The outcome of postcard is very beautiful. A set of pop up postcards has 6 designs which cost RM 30.

Image credited to Loka Made
When purchased the postcard, I had made a small request to ask Fei Giap to write some words on postcard for my collection. Beside postcard, he is so kind that had included badges and coasters for me.

To see the postcard in close view, click for the link as below:-
Facebook: Loka Made
Phone: +603- 5611 3349


  1. Dear J-Mei:

    Thanks for the wonderful posts about Malaysia unique postcards! Now,less headache to find postcards and more varieties to swap!

    Sin Toun

    1. Hi Sin Toun,

      You're welcome. You can read more posts about Malaysia Postcards which bought by me in "Postcard Store Corner".



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