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Monday, 9 November 2015

2015-10 Favorite Postcards Received

On May 2015, I had received a postcard which need send to Hong Kong but sent to Malaysia. I had sent back the postcard to the receiver based on the address on the postcard. In this month, the postcard had returned to me with the reason “Moved”. I was quite sad because the postcard cannot reach to the receiver.

From this month, I started to record my ranking on Postcrossing profile in blog post. For your information that when you are in top 100 on most postcards and longest distance sent  in your country, the ranking will show in your Postcrossing profile. On July, I was in top 100 in Malaysia :D

100th (July)/ 98th (Aug)/ 94th (Sept)/ 91st (Oct) on most postcards sent from Malaysia
101st (July)/ 99th (Aug)/ 93rd (Sept & Oct) on longest distance sent from Malaysia

On August 2015, I got a postmark of Taiwan ‘Little Red’ and ‘Little Green” leaning postboxes. In this month, I received a postcard of Taiwan leaning postboxes. They were so cute. Hope in future can go Taiwan to see them. Hehe..

My postcard friend had sent me a postcard when she traveled to Japan. She wrote this postcard on the cruise so on the postcard has cruise’s postmark.

This is an advertisement postcard about Butterworth. Butterworth is the principal town of Seberang Perai in the state of Penang in Malaysia. It was established in the mid-19 century as a landing place across the channel from the capital of Penang.

This illustration postcard is about Jiufen old street which was prosperous because of a gold rush. The illustration is so beautiful.

Yowita from Lodz, Poland told me that Lodz is near the center of Poland and at here has many beautiful and old buildings. Lodz is the 3rd largest city in Poland.

Unique Penang Art Gallery has drawing lessons and they will use children’s art printed as the postcard for sell. Sumi like this postcard because the girl was so brave that sing alone in a night of autumn to enjoy the peaceful and happiness.

Every year, Pangkor (an island in Malaysia) will organize Pangkor Island Festival.  I was lucky to get a postcard from Yaya when she went to Pangkor to join for this festival. I hope that in future can join for this festival too.

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