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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Handmade Postcard Exchange Activity 2015

In September 2015, I had joined “Handmade Postcard Exchange Activity” by Amy Shop. The receiver for your handmade postcard was randomly selected and you did not know who he/she is.

Let take a look for my handmade postcards. I am not so good in drawing so I choose to paste some cute stickers and washi tape on postcards.

For handmade postcard, you can create any impossible. Therefore, I made a macaroon rain theme postcard with some animals.

This is performance theme postcard. I used the big washi tape to create a stage with a dog sing and a boy dance. 

Let take a look what I had received from this exchange activity.

This postcard gets an idea from hiking. The things need for hiking include rain coat, rain boots and backpack. Luckily he/she had prepared for those things so when raining still can see many animals during hiking.

When I saw this postcard, I thought is printed postcard but it actually drawn by black pen. How talent of the sender is. This postcard is simple and cute.


  1. 马卡龙下雨的主题很欢乐,那些动物很开心的玩着。我喜欢=)

    1. 美云,

      谢谢你的喜欢呀 :D


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