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Friday, 20 June 2014

Prize from Zespri Singapore

In August 2013, I had won a prize from Zespri Singapore through blog. As before this, I did not see has any term and condition stated that this contest is open for Singapore so I join for it. When I won for the contest and give my address to Kless, she told me that the prize cannot send to Malaysia and advise me to ask my relative or friends who live in Singapore for help by send the parcel to them.

Luckily that I have a cousin works in Singapore and he agree to help me by send the parcel to his place and will bring back to me during Chinese New Year. After few months, my cousin really brings the parcel to me when he back to Labuan except umbrella because the umbrella is too big that it is not convenience for him to take for me. I was very happy when received it because my cousin remembers to bring back the parcel for me.

Now, take a look what the prize that I won consist of.

It is a woven bag from Zespri. All the small items are inside of this bag.

First is these 2 cute kiwi that in green and yellow. I had given one of them to my little sister.

The left side is a temporary tattoo sticker that you can make on hand while the right side is a set of kiwi stickers.

The left side is a couple kiwis picture of luggage tag or keychain while the right side is plaster. 

I also get a handkerchief that with kiwi cartoon.

This is a drawing book that inside of it have many blank papers. It also comes with a pen for me to draw and write.

The left side is a kiwi badge while the right side is a scoop that you can use it when you eat kiwi. This is a special design scoop that use to eat kiwi.

At last, share with you how to make a pretty kiwifruit lotus that I had saw at online.


  1. Replies
    1. Miss Ika,

      Both of them are super cute :) Did not ever think of Kiwi doll can be so cute...hihi


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