Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mother from Mei Fumitsuki

January 2014

When I was busy sorting my postcard to be blog, I was attracted by a nice sound that came from TV so I stop sorting and tried to find out who sing the song. It was a Japanese song with nice rhyme.

Sadly to say that it is a sad song that about a child in heaven who had been abuse by mum sings to his/her mum due to missing. In the lyric, can see that although his /her mums abuse him/her but he/she still love mum.  Besides that, the lyric also asking that why his/her mum throws him/her away with rubbish, sorry with his/her mum that he/she will be a good boy/girl, asking why he/she cannot live and others. It really is a touching song.

Picture credit: Facebook
文月メイ - Mei Fumitsuki
I share with you the MV of this song which sings by Mei Fumitsuki.

For those who know Chinese can have a look with this TV news that about this abuse song. It was also the way that I know for this song. I also copy a Chinese lyric translation by online user which found via Youtube. 


我很礙事嗎? 要把我跟垃圾袋一起丟掉嗎? 活著很辛苦嗎? 沒有可以依賴的人嗎? 對不起,媽媽 什麼事都不知道 什麼事都做不了 但是我只有你一個媽媽 我會當個好孩子 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 是神決定的嗎? 我不能繼續活下去 我啊 變成天使了唷 一直守護著媽媽 因為柔弱的媽媽 單獨一個人沒辦法生活下去對吧 對不起 媽媽 我再大一點的話 就能幫忙你了說 但是我只有你一個媽媽 也不會有第二次相逢的機會了 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 是神明決定的嗎? 我不能繼續活下去了 對不起 媽媽 再也不能陪在你身邊了 再也不能迎接明天了 但是我只有你一個媽媽 不要討厭我唷 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 是神明決定的嗎 我不能繼續活下去了 為什麼呢 媽媽 為什麼呢 媽媽 我把我的羽毛 一根放在這裡

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