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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hilarious 200 Plus Jokes

Hilarious 200+ Plus Jokes

After reading this book, I would like to share some jokes with you all.

1st boy: “Which question will be favourite to a dentist?”
2nd boy: “Fill in the blanks!”

Mala: “Where can you find success without doing any work?”
Reid: “In a dictionary”

1st man: “How will you distinguish a psychiatrist from the others?”
2nd man: “Simple: when an attractive woman enters a restaurant, every one will gaze at her. But a psychiatrist will watch the other’s feelings!”

A doctor who went on a ski trip, got lost in the icy mountain. He wrote “Help” on the snow. Minutes later, a copter flew past, but the pilot couldn’t read the doctor’s handwriting.

Doctor: “The cheque you have given me has bounced back.”
Patient: “So did my stomach ache, too!”

Beggar: “Please help me gentle man; my both eyes are blind.”
Passer by: “I’m auditor. Unless you produce a medical certificate from the doctor, I can’t help you!”

Brina: “You know, my grandma one day prayed to God Almighty to give her the skin like a teenager.”
Betty: “Has the God answered her prayer?”
Brina: “Of course. He did. The next day she woke up with pimples!”

Gagan: “A dog bit my leg this morning.”
Mohit: “Did you put anything on it?”
Gagan: “No, he liked it plain.”

Inmate: “Never mind the dog. Just come in.”
Visitor: “Does he bite?”
Inmate: “That’s what I want to know!”

Both the men were school mates. One became doctor and the other a dentist.
Together they set up a clinic, employing one single nurse. After some months they both loved the nurse. Meanwhile, the dentist had to go out of station for 10 days. Before leaving, he brought 10 apples for the nurse and left a letter for her that read:
“Meet you after 10 days. Meanwhile, take An apple a day……….!”

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