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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days by Jeff Kinney

This story is about the summer vacation of a “wimpy kid” Greg Heffley. During his vacation, he had been watching horror movie with his friend, Rowley which found out by his mother and starts a reading club which he is the only participant after several weeks. However, the reading program need to stop when Mr. Jefferson asked he and Rowley paid for the bill that they spent at country club. They started mowing lawn business to pay for the debt. During the business, he had conflict with Rowley and dissatisfied by customer of his services.

 In this summer vacation, Greg had a birthday party. His mother had given him a “Ladybug” cell phone which only allow him to call home and 911. Besides that, his cake was eaten by dog. During Father Day, his father has brought a dog. His family had suggested some funny name for this dog and finally they named it as “Sweetie”. Although Greg wanted a dog for a long time, he quickly annoyed at Sweetie. 

 Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson had invite Greg to go to beach with them. However, Greg did not feel so happy in this trip because he has spent a week without computer, TV or video game and need to spend time at a log cabin. In this trip, Greg had make some trouble that make Rowley’s parents decide he to go home two days early.

 In last, Greg stating his summer would be better if he stayed in the house. He also realizes that his summer is over when he sees a photo album titled “Best Summer Ever!”

Cover of the book

Inside view of the book
Below are the parts that I feel interesting:-

I’ve learned that photo albums aren’t an accurate record of what happened in your life, anyway. Last year, when we were at the beach, Mom bought a bunch of fancy seashells at a gift shop, and later on I saw her bury them in the sand for Manny to “discover”. 

 I finally got Mom to press the right button to take a picture, but, when she did, the camera was pointing the wrong way and she took a picture of herself. See, this is why I always say that technology is wasted on grown-ups. 

 We got some ice-cream, but Mrs Jefferson only ordered one cone for the four of us to share.

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