Thursday, 16 August 2018

Althea Malaysia: Beauty Products Ship from Korea [Included Link of 20% off for First Order]

Althea is number one digital destination for all things K-beauty such as shopping, lifestyle and trends. In Althea, you can find many Korea beauty products ranging from skincare to haircare and many more. With just some few clicks, you can get the beauty products which direct ship from Korea.

The best thing is Althea Malaysia offer FREE International delivery for all orders above RM99. The delivery time from Korea take around 10-15 days after you order. Besides that, all products sell are 100% authentic so you will not buy fake products through Althea Malaysia.

Recently I had done my first purchase with Althea Malaysia. I bought some masks as it is quite cheap (RM 1.80 per piece) and the ingredients of mask is low in risk (No synthesis fragrance) so suitable for daily use too.

Althea Malaysia also have Rewards Points for every amount you spend. It is a non-cashable store credits are redeemable towards future purchases with Althea.

During your FIRST order, you can get 20% discount off by using this link. (If you did not use this link, Althea Malaysia only offer 15% as welcome gift)

Althea Malaysia
Facebook: Althea Malaysia
Instagram: Althea Korea

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