Sunday, 27 May 2018

Places in Lawas 2018

Medan Niaga Lawas

It is near with Pasar Besar Lawas. I went to there on Saturday. It has lots of vegetable and fruits for sell such as green color eggplant, red color corn, snake fruit and many more.

I attracted by a kuih called “Wajid Beras Jawa” and bought for try. It is sweet in taste. Wajid means sticky rice in palm sugar and wrap by pandan leaves.

Chinese Temple

Post office is at the same row with Chinese temple.

Pertubuhan Membina Akhlak Che Wu Khor

It is located at the upstairs of Hang Out Café and beside Chinese temple.


I found a white buffalo statue in Lawas while another statue seems like deer or donkey?

Lawas Supermarket & Hardware Sdn Bhd

In Lawas cannot find any shopping mall but has some supermarkets.

Sport Complex Lawas

I attended a dinner banquet in here.

Small Garden

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