Friday, 25 May 2018

Food in Lawas 2018

Toy Huong

It is located opposite side of Mandarin Hotel.  It only sell two types of foods which are sweet Gong Pia (different with the Sibu Gong Pia) and egg cakes.

New Wan Wan Café

It is near with Toy Huong. From this café, you can see the Hotel Seri Malaysia (3 Star Hotel). I ordered Cao Cai Fry Mee Hoon, for me is taste just ok.

I more attracted with Laksa because it seems has many ingredients and delicious.

88 Lawas Restaurant

I dinner at here for my first night in Lawas for a buffet style.

To-gather Café

It was raining therefore I went to this café for a Hot chocolate drink. This café is so small; inside the café just has 3-4 tables but outside of café also has some tables with chairs. I spotted Nasi Lemak Burger on the menu but I did not try for it because I just finished my lunch.

This is Lawas mineral water as can see at everywhere.

The Places that I Wish to go…

L’Amour De Porc

From the Google Map, I knew this place seems like provide pork meal. I interested with it but the time I went, it closed for business.

126 Corner Restaurant

Some people said the curry noodle at here is delicious. Near with this restaurant has a shop that sell bun also recommend by someone.

Pasar Besar Lawas

At the upper stairs has some food stalls but I did not go up to look. Someone recommend that the fried dough stick (youtiao) at there is delicious.

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