Monday, 30 October 2017

Museum Kalimantan Barat

21 September 2017 (Thursday)

Museum of West Kalimantan is a modern building that decorated with local ornament. The objects of historic relics are stored and displayed properly. At the front of the museum, the visitor can see a relief depicting the events of the struggle for independence (online source)

As today is public holiday so the museum is closed but we still can see some replica houses at outside of museum.

Replica houses included Betang House, Limas House, Ismahayana Palace Landak, Al-Mukkaramah Palace Sintang ang many more. All those house looks beautiful.

Pancar is a gate entering a village or symbol of village guard which found at Darit area, Landak district. The two poles or pancar poles are craved with human, animal and plant motif which symbolize inhabitant of universe.

Museum Kalimantan Barat is quite near with Traditional House Betang in Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani. Therefore, can pay a visit to these two places.

We rest in Restoran Sari Bento  that located inside of museum. I saw many people come to this restaurant for steamboat. I ordered a glass of Aloe Vera juice, as I knew that Pontianak has Aloe Vera Farm.

Beside inside, you also can choose to dine at outside of restaurant. It has a small playground at there. The surroundings of outside restaurant is nice.

Museum Kalimantan Barat
Jln Jenderal Ahmad Yani, Parit Tokaya,
Pontianak Sel. Kota Pontianak,
Kalimantan Barat, 78124,
Opening Hour: Monday & Public Holiday closed


  1. This reminds me of the museum in Tokyo where they have lots of old things outside for visitors to see but they never closed even on public holidays.

    1. Twilight Man,

      Although it closed on public holiday, as outside of museum has some old things so at least I have something to see or take photo.


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