Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Sherry’s Handmade

Recently, I won a 50% discount voucher from Sherry’s Handmade which producing handmade soap, lotion, toner and many more.

Aleppo Inspired Soap

I am quite lazy person so I chose this soap which can use for hair, face and body. This soap is very suitable bring for travel as it is all in one soap.

Sunscreen Lotion

This lotion did not mention how much of its SPF but inside of the ingredients have 3 main types of oil which has SPF respectively.  I thought this lotion will be oily as it has mixed 3 types of oil. Surprise that it did not oily at all and easily absorbs to my skin.  

Soap Bubble Net

With the purchase of soap, the soap bubble net will attached to it.

Sherry’s Handmade

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