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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Buy Hundred Ringgit of Book to Save Moontree House

Talking about Moontree House, although I did not go there before, I had purchased postcards with it in last year via online. In April 2016, I saw a post from Moontree House about an activity which was “Buy Hundred Ringgit of Book to Save Moontree House”.  Moontree House has limited funds and will meet with risk of close down. Therefore it raised an activity which was just pay for RM 100 and will get 3 books which included postage. The purpose is wishing to get more cash in hand.

It is not an easy to manage a book store especially a book store which promotes gender equality and awareness. Therefore, I had given a support for Moontree House and hope that it will continue operation. For the 3 books, you can either list down the name of book that you want or Moontree House will choose for you. I had listed down my book in G-Form when fill the details.

After few day, I had safety received the books. Two books are about poems and the other one is about the how to answer children’s sex questions. The books as below:-


This activity was received good response and now Moontree House is continuing for operation. Yeah! Do come to support it when you are in Chinatown :)

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