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Monday, 10 August 2015

My First Purchases Books from Authors

Talking about purchase book, I usually buy from book store, book fair and online book store. In year 2014, I had tried purchases the books directly from the authors.

I had been followed the blog of Siaw Shan for a while. In July 2014, she had published her second books which was <我的男主角们 > . After knew of it, I had messaged her to ask for order the books.

This was my first time to purchase the books from authors so the books which I get were signed.

Beside <我的男主角们 >, I also purchased Siaw Shan’s first book which was <  Go,林笑笑!>. This book was about her life with simple illustration. The content of the book is funny. I usually read it before sleep.

The content of <我的男主角们 > was 100% of hand writing with hand drawing. This book was about the stories between Siaw Shan and the man such as friends, dad, doctor, online friend and many more.

Beside get the book of <我的男主角们 >, inside of it has stickers. It has stamp stickers but cannot use as normal stamp to post it out.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll grab her new book soon. ;-)

  2. Such cute books! If only I could read Chinese...

    1. Gabriela,

      You can try to look for English cute book. I think it has many such books in book shop :)


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