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Friday, 26 October 2012

My Live Signature

MyLiveSignature has offer web-base tool and templates to create your own signature for FREE which great for emails, blogs, forum and others. Besides that, it also offer animated signature which is paid version.

In here, I would share with you the steps of create your own signature with free.

First, you needs to go and click on "Start Now!" button to create a new signature. It has 4 methods to create the signature and I choose using the signature creation wizard for a demo. You can try on other methods by you own.

 Step 1: Enter your name 

 Step 2: Select the front (from 1 to 10)

Step 3: Select the front size (from 1 or smallest to 10 or biggest)

Step 4: Select the color

Step 5: Set the slope (from 1 or being straight to 10 or being steepest)

After done with the creation process, your signature is ready to use. Next, click on “want to use this signature?” link  and click on "Generate HTML Code" link. The HTML code has 2 option which are a code  (ready for use) and combined code (edit it with your company name, phone number and others).

Once the HTML code of signature is generated, you can insert it into your blog (blog post or sidebar) or your email template. Click here to see how to insert signature into blog post.


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  1. Very nice tool. I followed these steps to create my digital signature using this online tool and ended up with a beautiful signature. Thank you very much for explaining all these steps.
    digital signature FAQ


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