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Genting Highlands + Melaka Trip 2017

1st June 2017 (Thursday)

Labuan Airport >> Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 2 >> Quizinn by rasa (Lunch) >> KLIA2 Ground Floor (Bus Station) >> Genting Highlands >> First World Hotel >> Sky Casino >> Malaysia Food Street >> First World Hotel

Flight from Labuan on time departed on 10:25am and arrives at KLIA2 on 12:45pm. Same as usual, I read magazine on flight and found out what is “Air Asia Tune Protect”.

We were having lunch at Quizinn by rasa and I ate Vegetarian Bibimbap which cost me RM 19.10. After lunch, we went ground floor to purchase bus ticket to Genting Highlands. From KLIA2 to Genting Highlands took around 2 hours to reach (14:30-16:30) and cost RM 35 per person.

When went down from bus, we went upstairs to look for Awana Station (4th Floor). At there, we purchased skyway ticket through machine.  Awana Skyway ticket (standard gondola) cost RM 8 per trip.

Awana Station >> Chin Swee Station >> Sky Avenue Station (Level 4)

Skyway did stop a while in Chin Swee station. From this station, you can go to Chin Swee Caves Temple (Opening hour: 7:00am-6:45pm). After go inside skyway will have a cameraman to take your photo and can buy it if you likes when reach the last station.

From Sky Avenue Station, turn left can go to Malaysia Food Street. To go to First World Hotel, you need take escalator to ground floor.

In Malaysia Food Street, you need to purchase a prepaid card before purchase any food.  The card purchase and top up values are limited to RM20, RM50, RM100, RM150, RM200, RM250 or RM300. A refundable deposit of RM2 will be held from the purchase of each card. Refund of unused value and deposit must be requested from the cashier within 7days of most recent top up transaction. No refunds will be given for damaged, lost or stolen cards.

The foods in Genting Highlands are quite expensive. I like the design of Malaysia Food Street. For dinner, we ate fish head curry and spring roll. For breakfast in Malaysia Food Street is very limited only has dim sum and Nasi Lemak.

2nd June 2017 (Friday)

First World Hotel >> Lobby Café >> First World Hotel >> Genting Highlands Skyway >> Bus Ticketing Counter >> Pudu Station>> LRT Plaza Rakyat >> LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan (BTS) Station >> Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) >> Teratai Food Court >> King’s Bakery >> Melaka Sentral >> Hotel Hong>> Jonker Street >> Hotel Hong

When in Awana Station, we went to Go Genting Bus Express Counter (ground floor) to purchase bus ticket to Pudu Station.  My initial plan is take bus to KL Sentral and take KTM to TBS Station. After consult with the staff, he suggested that go to Pudu Station to take LRT is faster than take KTM.  Bus departed on 10:30am and reached Pudu Station on 11:30am.

This was my first time to go Pudu Station. When reached, I have no idea what to go therefore saw some people at there so plan follow them. Suddenly a Malay guy shouted at a group of people to ask them to take lift which is faster therefore we also took lift with the Malay guy. When reached, the Malay guy asked help from us to give him RM2 because he did not have money to eat. We were quite surprised and gave him RM2.

I asked a staff in a shop about how to go LRT station. She told me to go at the center until saw Dunkin Donuts stall. Then turn left to go out from the building. When go out, it has 2 ways which are right and left without signboard show to LRT. This time has 2 ladies with backpacker asked a guy about how to go LRT. We need go upstairs to reach LRT Station Plaza Rakyat to purchase LRT ticket to BTS Station.

When reached BTS station need cross a bridge in order to reach TBS. We purchased bus ticket to Melaka Sentral which departs on 13:15pm and cost RM 10.00. After that, we were having lunch at Teratai Food Court (Level 4) which needs to purchase prepaid card.

From TBS to Melaka Sentral need take around 2.5 hours to reach.  When in Melaka Sentral, the hotel arranged transport for us to hotel. From Melaka Sentral to Hotel Hong is quite near which take around 10 minutes depend on the traffic.

After checked in hotel, we look for food at Jonker Street and some street art. In Jonker street, you can see many people drinks watermelon and we also bought one for tried. Inside watermelon did not have many juices.

Putu Piring is a round, steamed rice cake filled with melted palm sugar or gula Melaka and eaten with freshly grated coconut. I bought Putu Piring with Gula Melaka and peanut inside it. It not tastes very nice as the filings are not so much.

Dim sum in many colors but I not sure the color is artificial or not.

This is egg shape ice-cream with laici flavor.

This handmade noodle is delicious. Inside of it has few soy beans which I did not expected will see and I think it’s also made the soup nice to drink. I also ordered 爱玉which like agar-agar. 

For this Mr. Melaka has gold one which at the end of Jonker Street there. Due to time limit so I did not went inside to see the gold status of Mr. Melaka. Next time has chance will pay for visit.

3rd June 2017(Saturday)

Hotel Hong >> Low Yong Moh >> Christ Church & The Stadthuys >> A’Farmosa >> Proclamation of Independents Memorial >> Mahkota Parade (Nadeje Café Sdn Bhd & Food Court) >> Dataran Pahlawan & Hatten Square >> Famosa Chicken Rice Ball >> Jonker Street >> Restaurant Ji Xiang >> Hotel Hong

After breakfast, we went around for photo taking. Inside church has some stalls sell souvenirs.  I saw a little girl helped her parents to take photo. How cute is she.

Inside of Proclamation of Independents Memorial cannot take photo and inside quite hot.

At food court of Mahkota Parade, I ordered Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set.

Not far from Hotel Hong can reached UTC but we did not go for it.

My parents like to eat Chinese dish and they found out a restaurant near Hotel Hong which can order some dish for dinner.  The barli with gingko is yummy and no so sweet.  The fish cost RM 42, tofu RM 12 and vegetable RM 10.

4th June 2017(Sunday)

Hotel Hong >> Harbour Cafe >> Hang Tuah Bridge >> Hotel Hong >> Melaka Sentral >> KLIA2 >> Quizinn by rasa (Lunch) >> Family Mart >>Little Café >> Labuan Airport

During breakfast, we ate at a cafe near with our hotel. I ate Mee Hoon Kuih.

After breakfast, we walked around.

Around 10:30am, hotel staff took us to Melaka Sentral. We bought bus ticket 11:30am to KLIA2. The hotel staff advised to buy with Tranasional Company (counter 10). The ticket cost RM 24.30 for each person. Look for the Gate and Platform to find the bus. We reached KLIA2 on 2pm. We lunched at Quizinn by rasa again and this time I ordered Kimbap cost RM 13.75.

In Family Mart, I bought Matcha ice-cream for a try which cost RM 3.50. If you buy Matcha ice-cream at other branch which cost RM 2.50.

Initial flight time: 16:45-19:10 (delayed to 18:30 depart- changed aircraft)

As the flight delayed, we went to Little café to eat some food. I ordered Ipoh shredded chicken noodle which cost RM 10.28.

Kite Museum, People Museum
Stamp Museum

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