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Sunday, 20 November 2016

2016-10 Favorite Postcards Received

My Postcrossing ranking for October 2016 as below:-
On 67th most postcards sent from Malaysia
On 64th longest distance sent from Malaysia

This is a small postcard which featured Formosa Boulevard Station in Taiwan. This is the most beautiful station in Taiwan. This postcard has a colorful film.

This panda handmade postcard made and sent by my panda lover friend. Every time see the panda will remind of her.

On 1 October 2016, it has Postcrossing Meet Up in Kuala Lumpur. I did not join for this meet up because it is quite far from my place. I was so surprised when received this postcard because it’s from my postcard friend who just one time exchange postcard with me. This postcard is so meaningful with signature of postcard colletors.

When I received this postcard, I thought it is a place in Japan. After searching through online, I just knew that this street is in Hong Kong. Pottinger Street is a street in Central, Hong Kong. It is known as the Stone Slabs Street since the street is paved unevenly by granite stone steps. It was named in 1858 after Henry Pottinger, the 1st Gorvernor of Hong Kong serving from 1843 to 1844.

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