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Monday, 8 August 2016

PurelyB Marketplace- Shop Healthy & Organic Products

I always finding difficult to buy healthy food in my place therefore when I knew about PurelyB, I was so happy. PurelyB is a go-to-guide to leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle. It offers guide for healthy restaurants, meal plans, tips, recipes and many more. Besides that, you can find some healthy and organic products at there too.

On June 2016, I made my first purchases in PurelyB. I bought rolled oat and garlic paste from there. As these 2 items bought from different vendors therefore the items reached in different times.

First, I received O’Choice- Organic Baby Rolled Oat @ RM 6.50. I bought it for making my overnight oat.

Baby rolled oats are thinly cut oats with fine texture processed by flaking for speedy preparation, easy to digest. They are introduced into babies’ diets to ease them into the transition from a milk-only diet to solid food. These oat flakes are also frequently used as toppings to garnish and add nutrition to baked goods.

Besides rolled oat, I also received some samples for a try and brochures.

On 20th June, I received Basil Garlic Paste 100gm @ RM 16.41 but it was leaking. Therefore I contacted PurelyB via Facebook. The customer service person is good and nice, he helped me escalated the problem to vendor.

The vendor has 2 options for me to choose either refund or replacement. I chose for replacement so vendor sends the Garlic Paste to me. After few weeks, I received it but also has a little leaking but I did not inform them because it just small leaking. I think vendor should put the paste into a box and send out compare wrapping with bubble plastics.

Basil Garlic Paste packed with fresh organic Thai basil, garlic and spices, this paste will flavor meat, vegetable and even noodles, pasta or rice. It can use as a stir-fry sauce or marinade.

I use the paste when I fry the spaghetti and it taste good. Besides that, I also use it to marinade chicken.  

For those interested can shop at PurelyB because it offers FREE SHIPPING until 15 August. I like free shipping :D

Website: PurelyB
Facebook: PurelyB
Twitter: @Purely_B
Instagram: purelyb

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