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Friday, 8 July 2016

WWF Malaysia: Panda Adoption Pack

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Malaysia is established as a national conservation trust on 13 January 1972 and began as a humble two person-organization. The mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future.

You can buy some merchandise, purchase adoption pack or donate some money to support WWF’s conservation efforts.

For those interested to buy some merchandise such as t-shirts, water bottles and many more can go to Panda Shop to take a look. WWF offer donation for four categories such as “For a Living Planet”, “Wildlife Warrior”, “Turtle Guardian” and “Save the Orang Utan”. Besides that it offer 2 adoption packs which are symbolic adoption and my little adoption packs.

In June 2016, I purchased “Panda Adoption Pack”. It has 2 subscriptions which are one time or by monthly. My Little Adoption comes with an animal key chain and a door hanger. After made the payment, the next day I received a call from WWF to confirm my adoption details.

After few days I received my adoption pack which has a panda keychain, eco-friendly bag, door hanger and fact sheet on Panda.

Through the info card on panda, I just knew that The Giant Panda has been the symbol of WWF since organization was created in 1961.

Through the fact sheet, I found out some interesting facts.

* The giant panda’s Latin name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca.
* The average giant panda can eat up to 38 kilograms of bamboo in a day.
* The panda does not hibernate because it cannot store enough fat on a bamboo diet.
* Although it has the digestive system of a carnivore, the panda’s diet consists almost exclusively of bamboo which it usually spends 14 hours a day eating.

Besides that, I received receipt for payment with thank you letter. For your information that donation to WWF Malaysia are tax-deductible.

I saw from the website that as a WWF-Malaysia Donor, I will receive 4 Green Heart Magazines for quarterly. When I receive the magazine will update again in this post.

WWF Malaysia
1, Jalan PJS 5/28,
PJCC, Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03- 7450 3773
Fax: 03- 7450 3777
Website: WWF
Facebook: WWF Malaysia
Twitter: @WWFMy
Youtube: WWFMy

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