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Friday, 22 April 2016

Renewal Passport 2016 @ UTC

In February 2016, UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) had been launched by Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak. UTC is one of the Government effort and initiatives providing the urban community with key government and private sector services under one roof.

Inside UTC had Immigration Department so the old Immigration Department only applicable for applying visa and so on. As my passport had expired so I go to renew it for my next travel.

9th April 2016

This was my first time to go into Immigration Department in UTC. The time I push the door, I can saw it has a board show the direction to get the number. Therefore I went to counter 1 and the officer asked for my purpose and gave me a waiting number.

After a while, it was my turn and I went to counter 3. I served by a lady officer. I gave my identity card and old passport for her to proceed with my renewal process.  After thumb print confirmation and asking some questions, I need to take a picture.

After taking my picture, the officer was so nice that asked me whether I want to retake picture as for her opinion that I can take a nicer picture while a guy officer who assisted the lady officer also think that maybe I need to retake because one side of my hair looks thick but I just said I am ok with that picture. I guess they will surprise for my answer. Haha..

After settle down my picture taking, I need to double check for the information printed. Then, I wait again for payment. After a while, I been asked to pay for passport (RM 200 for 5 years) and get a receipt. The officer told me to wait for another 5 minutes. While waiting, I can watch the TV.

After payment and went to my seat, I had been asked by a Malay lady that where I travel to. She spotted that I had paid more money than she. After heard of my answer, she knew it. The lady applied visit pass to Brunei only so she only need to pay for RM 50.

Around 5-10 minutes, I had asked to collect my passport after double check with the details in passport. I was so surprised that I can get passport in less than an hour. Great job for Immigration Department!

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