Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Nine Emperor Gods Procession 2016


6th October 2016

On 7 p.m., we had gone to the town to wait for the procession. We waited around 1 hour, the procession started around 8 p.m. something.  I used my camera to record the whole procession but in the end due to SD card problem, the video cannot be stored. So sad!

After procession, we went to temple. At there, a lady gave us three joss sticks. After a while, when Nine Emperor Gods came, all of us need to kneel down. During procession (Nine Emperor Gods part), I did not kneel down because I did not know need to kneel down and did not has such experiences before.

In this year, I ready with my head to be hit by Ji Gong during procession but last he did not come. 

Note: Did not join for Procession 2015 due to attend friend's wedding dinner.

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