Sunday, 15 February 2015

Postcard DIY with Decoration Tapes and Stickers

I had seen someone posted in Exchange Postcard Group that she looks for postcard which need to have many decoration tapes on it. As I also have decoration tape so I made an exchange with she. My initial plan was just stick many types of tapes on the postcard row by row.

When I want to stick the tape, suddenly I have an idea to make the postcard look more cheerful.

First, I used sky decoration tape at the top of the postcard.

After that, I used green and tiny size of decoration tape to stick on postcard. Do you know what am I doing? Haha

Then, I used hello kitty tape to stick on the green tape so that it looks like train tracks. 

It’s time to use sticker so that it looks cheerful. I used animal and sun sticker on the postcard.

I had made 2 types of postcards which almost same but the different was the position of sun.

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