Friday, 19 September 2014

International Adapter

As this was my first time to travel oversea so I need an International adapter to charge my handphone, power bank and camera. I have no idea where to buy an international adapter in my place so my sister helped me buy at Golden Electrical & Home Ware, KK Plaza which cost me RM 45.

I choose the international adapter that with USB charger so that it can be used to charge 1-3 electronic devices at the same times which also suitable for ipad and iphone.  In Thailand, I had used it to charge my handphone using USB charger because I did not bring the handphone adapter. I found out that if I use the two USB charger to charge handphone and power bank at the same times, the power supply will be sharing. It means that the power supply will charge handphone first and follow by power bank or by rotation. 

All in One Travel Adapter with 2 USB chargers (Model No: 3399)
Features: Surge protection, safety shutters, UBS port, power indicator light
Input: 125/250V USB portion: +- Vdc, 500 MA
Max outlet DC-USB 1.2 “A” Type
*This product does not convert electrical voltage. You will require converter or transformer.

When I was back from Thailand, I told the power supply rotation problem for charging two electronic devices to my sister. Then, we found out that the 2 USB total outputs is 1200mA which means that the total output that need to charge for my handphone and power bank are more than 1200mA that made power supply rotation for both devices. 

When I write for this post, I found out that my international adapter did not convert electrical voltage so it might be one of the reasons that the problem of power supply rotation.  After I backed from Thailand, I also accidentally find out that international adapter can be buy at supermarket which as below:-

This international adapter quite same with mine except it did not has USB charger.

This is 3 in 1 international adapter which means that it has 3 types of international adapter that covers all major countries. 

This is another types of international adapter and you must know how to adjust it according to your country need which you usually can find on packaging.

This international adapter quite same with the above international adapter except this types of adapter has USB charger.

Last, share with you the types of switch that use by major countries that I found through Facebook page.

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  1. nice post!!!


  2. I don't have anything like that but it should be usefull. xoxo

    1. Enara Girl,

      This adapter is very useful during travelling.


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