Friday, 20 October 2017

GO-JEK Indonesia

GO-JEK is an Indonesian hyperlocal transport, logistics and payments startup founded in 2010. It aims to improve the welfare of workers in Indonesia’s vast informal sector. It is also the first startup of Indonesian origin to be classified as a transport system. GO-JEK’s name is derive from ojek, a transport service that uses motorcycles. -Wikipedia

The app is very easy to use. First time user need register your account by using local or International handphone number also can. After that, click the services that you want such as “Go-Car”. Then, the app will automatic detect your places and you just need key the destination that you want to go. After that, click “Order” and app will start find the nearest driver. You can see the face of driver, what type of car, where the driver now, fare and others.

Every time order the car service, the driver will call your handphone number for verification.

GO-JEK offers variety of services but I just use Go-Car. For those who travel in solo can use Go-Ride which is cheapest.

Firstly, we plan to eat Chai Kue at A Hin Chai Kue Panas Siam. The driver took us to there and found out that it is close therefore, he suggested bring us to D’Bamboo.

I used 14 times for this app to travel around in Pontiank. The minimum fare is 10,000 Rupiah. All the drivers who I met are man. We use cash to pay for driver. I sat for variety of cars that include some car brand that I did not heard before such as Nisssan March, Datsun Go+, Honda Brio and many more.

In Pontianak did not has parking coupon but need to pay 2,000 Rupiah to a guy which help you to look for your car when you want to drive out from parking lot.

It is very easy to travel around with GO-JEK and the fare is no so expensive. Seem like next time travel to other places in Indonesia can use this app too.


  1. Thanks for this useful info. I will keep this service in mind. I had nightmares during my recent trips to Lombok and Yogjakarta where the airports' taxi drivers were harassing and haggling their prices like a fish market. Muahahahaha

    1. Twilight Man,
      GO-JEK really help me save a lot in my trip compare if I rent a whole day taxi.


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