Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sarawak Cultural Village

Mount Santubong 
On the way to Sarawak Culture Village, I had saw the shape of Mount Santubong just like a woman's face as she lying down on the ground.

Sarawak Cultural Village (SVC) is known as a living museum which wholly owned by Sarawak Development Corporation (SEDC). It also is the venue for the World Harvest and the Rainforest World Music Festival, an internationally renowned festival.  

After paying the entrance fee, you will get a passport which lead you to a most pleasant and unforgettable experience. At here, you can see many traditional villages such as Bidayuh Longhouse, Iban Longhouse, Penan Hut, Orang Ulu Longhouse, Melanau Tall House, Malay Town House and Chinese Farm House. 

Visiting hour

SVC in a glance
My SVC sticker
Start your journey from here
Locality map
Where go first?
Invitation from Bidayuh
Bidayuh bamboo bridge
Bidayuh guard house
This Bidayuh old man was the nicest person that I met during visiting SVC because he had told us many stories of this guard house.

Inside view of guard house
It's time to go down
Ladies sewing the clothes
Clothes which make from tree bark
After visiting a village, you can stamp your passport at counter there. It either has someone stamp for you or you stamp by self.

Please stamp your passport here.
Stamp your passport
Blowpipe shooting- 3 try for RM 1.00
You can try for blowpipe shooting at Penan Hut.

Your target
Penan warrior will teach you
Get ready and start
View of house
Traditional musical

Melanau tall house
You can do temporary tattoo at there
Sago making
Malay house
Decoration of the house
The bed
Chinese house
praying place
Decoration of the house
handicraft- Chinese knot
Bird nest

Cultural Show
It is 45 minutes cultural performance of songs, dances and entertainment which show at 11.30 a.m. (Morning) and 4.00 p.m. (Afternoon).


My passport with complete village stamps

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