Message from Receivers of Postcrossing

Just record some nice messages received from those who receive my postcard in Postcrossing.

Thank you for the beautiful postcard! I play a little game when I get postcards in the mail, I try to guess where they come from before looking at the back. My guess was Scotland (the Cameron Highlands made me think that), but imagine my surprise and delight when it was Malaysia! You have a very beautiful country! Happy Postcrossing!
Bridget (Canada) 

Thank you for the cute postcard! I was aware that there are many Georgetown's across the U.S. but I didn't know that there was one in Malaysia! That's pretty neat! I now live in a smaller town called Liberty Hill. (= Georgetown has grown pretty big and continues to expand! There isn't enough housing there though.Well, have a great day and thanks again!
Jenny (United States of America)

Love the pale pink color of this lovely card - I've had it up on my desk all month.
Greeting from Ankara!
Kitty (Turkey)

Sveiciens no Latvijas! Greeting from Latvia!
Thanks for your very nice card! I really like animals. I have nice cat girls :) Thanks again!
Welcome to Latvia because my country is nice but in Summer when is warm :)
Have a nice day!
Diana (Latvia)

HI! TERIMA KASIH for your lovely postcard!
Thank you- terima kasih in finnish: KIITOS
Maria (Finland)

Hi! Thank you so much for your postcard. I love it so much! Good to know that you'll come to Thailand. I need to tell you that weather in Thailand is SO HOT right now. haha I hope you will enjoy the trip!
Anyway, thank you and happy postcrossing!
Poly (Thailand)

Dear friend, thank you for a very nice postcard a pretty stamp. For all the time we kept the fingers cross to the lost airplane, and I'm very sorry it turned out like this. Take care.
Jitka (Czech Republic)

Hi there, Thank you so much for your lovely card and cute little drawings that makes me so happy!! And of course the lovely stamp! Wish you marvelous postcards and warm greetings from Netherlands.
Marianne Witvliet (Netherlands)

Hello Malaysia - Finland calling!
Thank you very much for your beautiful retro card and a marvelous stamp.
I send you warm greetings from the chilly land of Santa Claus with author Paulo Coelho's words:"Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living right now."
So, let have a cheerful party today. May all your days be full of joy!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!
Mariitta (Finland)

habe diese karte mit Freude erhalten

Translate to English:
Have received this card with joy
Thank you!!!
Klaus (Germany)

Thanks a lot for your postcard and the parking ticket
- so great to receive part of your everyday life!
Katja (Russia)

Thank you for the postcard and parking receipt- it is nice to get a piece of everyday life in Malaysia. Hope that you enjoy summer
Cheryl (USA)

Thanks for beautiful food postcard and fruits stamps and festivals stamps all the ways from Malaysia. I like them very much :)
Guess what, I am Malaysian also. I have been living in Singapore for last 10 years :) So about the quiz, I get full marks :) You are such creative post crosser, I enjoy taking the quiz.
Shin Ling (Singapore)

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